Our Services

  • Decorative Cutting

    Decorative CuttingThis service can be used for drive ways, patios, foot paths and more.

  • Wall Sawing

    Wall Sawing Unlike other methods of demolition, wall sawing leaves a smooth finish that is ready for installation of door jams, windows, and louvres with

  • Hand & Ring Sawing

      Ring Sawing Brisbane Hand & Ring sawing is used where there is limited access where a Floor/Road Saw cannot be used. Commonly used for

  • Floor/Road Sawing

      Floor & Road Sawing Brisbane Floor saw is used for cutting concrete and asphalt. Our range of floor saws are: 48 HP, 84 HP,

  • Wire Sawing

    Wire Sawing Brisbane Diamond wire sawing  is ideal for cutting mass concrete, reinforced concrete and sections of concrete too large for other methods.  Since virtually

  • Robotic Demolition

    Robotic Demolition Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling have a wide selection of Demolition Robots.   Our range of Demolition Robots are:   The Brokk

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