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GPR Concrete Scanning Services

Our ground penetrating radar (GPR) concrete scanning services have been serving Brisbane and its surrounding areas since 2003.


Doing haphazard and abrupt repairs to your concrete structures have serious repercussions. If one of your workers strikes hidden cables and utility lines in your concrete slabs, it could result in costly repairs, injury, and even death.


Our trusted concrete scanning Brisbane services will help you prevent these disastrous consequences and ensure a smooth, hassle-free construction process.


GPR Concrete Scanning Services for Your Construction Project

Never work on a concrete structure without seeking professional assistance. Our experienced concrete scanning professionals will inspect and assess the structure before the start of the project. They use state-of-the-art GPR concrete scanning equipment that will identify any hidden features, threats, or impediments in concrete slabs.


We use ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology that utilises electromagnetic energy pulses that travel through ground or concrete. Our radars easily transmit these pulses through 300mm of any concrete structure. Once the radars’ electromagnetic pulse passes through the surface, it bounces off any object found inside the concrete slab. We can then determine if the concrete slab is suitable for cutting, excavating, or drilling.


Once the radar wave bounces off a material other than concrete, the radar’s speed and intensity becomes unusually different. The radar wave’s speed slows down drastically while the intensity weakens – it cannot penetrate deeply into the concrete slab. Our GPR equipment and skilled technicians eventually catch the anomaly.


Cutrite Concrete Sawing & Drilling provides comprehensive GPR concrete scanning services in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland and New South Wales. As an industry leader for the past two decades, we use GPR concrete scanning equipment that’s 100 percent safe to on-site personnel . We never use equipment that’s a potential health risk for workers and contractors.


We X-ray concrete slabs and the ground to determine any potential on-site risks that include:

  • Electrical wires and cables
  • Pipes and conduits
  • Rebars
  • Post-tension cables
  • Water pipes
  • Voids

At Cutrite Concrete Sawing & Drilling, we make sure there are no interruptions and delays in your projects and operations.


We Offer First-Rate GPR concrete Scanning Services in Brisbane and Its Surrounding Areas. 

Whatever your project entails – whether it’s excavating, drilling, demolishing, or cutting – reach out to our dedicated team of professionals for your GPR concrete scanning needs. With more than 20 years of experience and a proven track record, we always go the extra mile  to deliver quality results for our clients.  


Cutrite Concrete Sawing & Drilling will work around your schedule – we’re offering same day service, seven days a week. 


We always stick to your construction project’s strict deadlines and budget requirements so you won’t be bogged down by expensive mistakes or delays. Avail of our concrete scanning Brisbane services today. 



What is concrete scanning?


Concrete scanning is the process of detecting materials, voids, impediments, and obstructions within concrete slabs using state-of-the-art radar technology.  


Why is concrete scanning important?


Concrete scanning is crucial when working on concrete-related projects. Striking obstructions such as electrical conduits and utility lines in concrete slabs can result in costly repairs, serious injuries, and even death. 

We do GPR concrete scanning as an important safety precaution before proceeding to other steps in the construction process such as core drilling Brisbane.   


How deep are your concrete scans?


Our state-of-the-art GPR or concrete X-rays can scan concrete structures including cables and steel ranging from depths within the 0.5m to 1m range.  


How much do concrete scans cost?


We base prices for our concrete scans on certain factors including the complexity of the task and prevailing work conditions. 


Delivering High-Quality GPR Concrete Scanning Services in Brisbane for More Than 20 Years.  


Do you need assistance with concrete scanning Brisbane and surrounding areas?

Cutrite Concrete Sawing & Drilling has been doing GPR concrete scanning in Brisbane and nearby locations since 2003. We also provide other services including floor and road sawing Brisbane as well as hand and ring sawing Brisbane


If you are interested in any of our high-quality concrete scanning Brisbane services, get in touch with us at your earliest convenience.

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