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Core Drilling Services Brisbane

Cutrite Concrete Sawing & Drilling’s core drills and diamond bits can cut holes from 12mm to an unlimited diameter and depth when a circular wire saw is used in conjunction with a diamond core bit. Holes can be drilled level, plumb or on an angle either above or below ground or under water.

Typical core drilling applications include walls, ceilings, roofs, bridges, tunnels, and road surfaces. They are also used for test core sampling of concrete and asphalt. Drilled holes are often used to route cables, conduit pipes, and wires through structures for renovations, demolition or new construction.

Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Drilling is a major provider of concrete core drilling services and solutions across Brisbane. These Services are incredible when you need an exact, precise hole into or through tough materials like concrete and brick. In these situations, you don’t need botches, simply a dependable team you can trust to get the job done.

At Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Drilling, Our Concrete drilling specialists also conduct efficient, quick, prudent activities in busy areas like highways when medians need to be worked on, or in close fit areas like residential apartments, touchy areas like atomic/electric power plants, noise-free zones like clinics/medical services offices.

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