Early Entry and Soff Cutting​

Early Entry and Soff Cutting

The Early Entry Sawing also known as Soff Cutting enables concrete to be cut within the first one or two hours of finishing and before the final set. Soff Cutting provides the best solution to control cracking.

Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling have Soff Cut machines that are designed to penetrate highways, ruways, pavings, residential, light and heavy-duty commercial and industrial applications.

A Soff cut saw (also known as an early entry saw) is used to cut control joints in ‘green’ concrete – not long after completing, and before conclusive set. Concrete soff cutting is useful to control breaking in slabs, and for eliminating random cracking.

Early Entry and Soff Cutting is used when expansion cuts are required within 2 – 8 hours of completing concrete. With the Soff-Cut Ultra Early Entry method, control joints are cut within one to two hours of the finishing process and before final set. This system minimises chipping and random cracking.

Most soft cutting can be used from residential housing to large commercial building foundations and floors or roadways. Utilizing the soft cutting technique makes it conceivable to control cracks and shrinkage earlier in the curing process, which is paramount in making a greater piece, and furthermore saves 12-36 houses in overall project timeline.

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