Floor Sawing/ Concrete and Rock Splitting


Floor Sawing/Concrete and Rock Splitting

Floor saw is used for cutting concrete and asphalt. Our range of floor saws are: 48 HP, 84 HP, FS6600, FS5000 and FS7000. The FS5000 and FS7000 floor saws are low emissions saws which are use for inside cutting and increasing becoming popular within the industry and are used daily.
Floor surfaces such as roadways, floors, bridge decks, suspended slabs, and roofs can be cut quickly and precisely up to a depth of 650mm with the use of diamond-tipped blades. Our state of the art equipment means quick setup and job time for a more cost effective operation with minimal disruption to other projects. Our equipment ranges from walk behind to hand held models depending on the size of the cut required.
Powered by either electric, diesel or hydraulics. Cutrite Concrete Sawing & Drilling’s floor saws range from 8 to 84 horsepower and accommodate all available power and exhaust requirements.
Hydraulic rock and concrete splitters come into their own in situations where conventional demolition which brings all the problems of dust, flying debris, vibration, exhaust fumes and noise, is ruled out.
In addition, hydraulic rock splitters are ideal in situations where large machines cannot be used such as demolition work in enclosed rooms, on difficult sites, in almost inaccessible places and even under water. For controlled demolition used with wall saw or wire saws you have a partnership second to none.

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