Hand/Ring Sawing


Hand and Ring sawing is used where there is limited access where a Floor/Road Saw cannot be used. Commonly used for cutting walls for doorways, windows and airconditioning penetrations.

The Hand Saw will cut to a maximum depth of 150mm and is available in petrol, electric and high frequency.

High frequency hand saws are used when petrol fumes cannot be exhausted, perfect for all inside cutting. High frequency power packs are available in petrol and 3 phase power.

Dragon Sawing is available in high frequency only and can cut to a depth of 400mm.

A standard Ring Saw will cut to a depth of 270mm in concrete, brick or block.

Can also be used for floor and wall cutting and is available in petrol or high frequency.

Ring Sawing and Dragon Sawing is used for cuts over 150mm to 400mm deep.


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