Supply and Installation of Wheel Stops

Wheel Stop Installation

Wheel Stops are used in car parks to prevent damage to buildings, pathways, garden beds and other vehicles.

We can supply and install the following types of wheel stops:

  • 2 meter Concrete Wheel Stops

  • 1.65 meter Concrete Wheel Stops

  • 1.65 Rubber Wheel Stops

Wheel stops (or vehicle stops) are a wellbeing measure, leaving a driver alone mindful that they have arrived at the end of their parking bay once their tyres roll up to a wheel stop in the car park.


Wheel stops are not just used to prevent vehicles encroaching into the parking bay opposite yet in addition to keep vehicles from accidentally running into a wall or garden bed.


They are also used to limit the encroachment of cars onto walkways when walkways are the same level as parking bays. In this instance, their use is mandatory so as to protect pedestrians.


Our team at Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Drilling are highly experienced about wheel stop installation and will situate either your concrete or recycled rubber stops to the Australian Standard 2890.1 – 2004 which is important to protect cars, property, and pedestrians.


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If you would like a quote for either Supply or Installation of Wheel Stops suitable for trucks for your warehouse, garage, private residential estate, commercial car park or industrial premises please contact us to get more details.

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