Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing

Unlike other methods of demolition, wall sawing leaves a smooth finish that is ready for installation of door jams, windows, and louvres with no harm to the remaining structure.  Walls can be cut on any angle and to any shape or size.

Track mounted diamond wall saws are utilized when precise, clean cuts for openings in vertical and horizontal surfaces are required.  They are also very effective in cutting round surfaces such as tanks, towers and pipes.

Our blade sizes range from 700mm to 2.2 meters in diameter and have a cutting depth up to 1 meter. Cuts can also be made upside down and/or under water.

As an industry leader, Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Drilling provides concrete wire cutting services covering the greater South East Queensland region, Northern NSW, Central Queensland and Western Australia.

The advantages of utilizing concrete wall sawing are numerous. The proven experts in this field accentuate the proficiency of the technique in the construction process. The capacity to cut heavily-reinforced concrete and the precision in the cutting is considered as the main advantages of wall sawing technique. Additionally, the noise and dust are reduced too.

Also known as concrete track sawing technique – the wall sawing technique uses track mounted saw for cutting vertical and flat cuts. If you need to cut through a wall on any point, diamond wall sawing is the thing that you are searching for. All diamond sawing equipment must be worked by a profoundly prepared and experienced administrator. To ensure safe workplace, the total cycle must be managed by an operational engineer.

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