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Diamond wire sawing  is ideal for cutting mass concrete, reinforced concrete and sections of concrete too large for other methods.  Since virtually no concrete structure or cross-section is too large, wire saws are used where other cutting methods are impractical.

Wire sawing applications include removing large sections of heavily reinforced concrete such as piers, towers and bridge sections, and for cutting concrete in areas where work space is restricted.  It can also be used under water.

As an industry leader, Cutrite Concrete Cutting & Drilling provides concrete wire cutting services pre-dominantly in Brisbane.


Wire sawing has become a fundamental instrument for the world class of concrete cutting companies, designed for a multitude of projects including underwater concrete removal and clean finish flush cuts. It is the freshest concrete cutting technology utilized in the business and creates almost no commotion, vibration and trash.


Wire saws utilize a thin wire that is installed with diamonds and can cut through the intricate materials at any profundity or distance across leaving a protected, clean and precise cut. It’s the best method to remove large concrete structures or make holes in thick walls in troublesome access utilizing remote controlled equipment. Because of the style of machine, knowledge of our operators and imaginative vehicle set ups, such a works can be transported to help your project Australia-wide.


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