Types of Concrete Hand Sawing and Their Uses

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Concrete cutting is one activity that is often encountered in different occupations, but mostly in construction and related tasks. Well, the concrete cutting task has never been easy, at least not before the introduction of modern cutting tools. Concrete cutting generally involves the strategic or controlled process that modifies or removes concrete. For a long time, people had to make do with cultural tools like hammers and chisels to do this job, making the task much more overwhelming.

Thanks to modern technology, several tools have been introduced to make concrete cutting less difficult and more manageable. Not only have these tools made it easier, but they have also modified the process to make it a lot less time-consuming. 

One of the new techniques introduced for this task is concrete hand sawing, and you bet it has been up to the task. This article will discuss the concept of concrete hand sawing to help you better understand the process. We will also highlight the various types of concrete hand sawing.

What is Concrete Hand Sawing?

Concrete hand sawing is a versatile cutting technique for making intricate cuts on surfaces and walls. For instance, concrete hand sawing is often the go-to technique when part of a wall is due for removal or reshaping. However, it may not be the best approach to large-scale concrete cutting. The tool utilized for concrete hand sawing is the handheld concrete saw — a versatile tool that is pretty significant and popular among construction workers.

Handheld concrete saws, or cut-off saws, come in different types, shapes, and sizes. This automatic concrete cutting tool has different power sources, including gas, air, electric, and hydraulics. Each concrete cutter is efficient and can function effectively, depending on the task. The gas-powered hand saw is the best option for slightly larger concrete-cutting jobs requiring more power. On the other hand, the air-powered saw is the most environmental-friendly option because it has minimal carbon emissions.

Also, the speed and precision of these tools make them the favorite for construction and similar tasks that require concrete cutting. Hand sawing is also a very economical system of concrete cutting that still gets the job done. They can be handheld, mounted on a stand, or wheeled manually or automatically.

Common Uses of the Concrete Hand Saw

Apart from being portable and performing almost as efficiently as other concrete cutters, handheld concrete saws are more precise and support clean cutting. The less vibration they generate also means they are perfect for small and large concrete-cutting tasks.

While concrete hand saws are an upgrade to the cultural cutting methods, the hand concrete cutters have also been modified to fit specific details over the years. But its functions have pretty much remained the same, and here are some of its common uses.

  • They are used for cutting hard materials, including concrete, tiles, and bricks, among others.
  • They are used for carving out beam pockets to the precise shape and size they ate required to be.
  • They can cut through walls, roofs, and floors effortlessly.
  • They not only cut concrete pipes, but they are also used to trim them to precision.
  • They can be used to demolish and dismantle hard materials that are no longer needed.

Types of Handheld Concrete Saws

One of the most important advantages of handheld concrete saws is that they come in different types and specifications. This means that they can perfectly fit different job descriptions. Selecting the right one can be a dilemma, though, especially if you do not understand how each one works. 

Knowing the specifications of each saw helps you make the right choice of equipment for any job. Here are the various types of handheld concrete saws and their specifications.

  • Center-Drive Saws

Talk about high-efficiency concrete cutting, and the center-drive handheld concrete saw is often the first to come to mind. Look around different construction sites today, and you will most likely find this tool among the most used, as it is one of the most popular hand saws. Its specifications make it unique, but the biggest selling point is that it can perform dry cutting efficiently. It is also the most cost-effective way to cut concrete because of its per-linear meter quality.

Undoubtedly, the center-drive handheld saw promises value and efficiency, but it also has limitations. The most significant disadvantage of this tool is its lack of depth. For a center-drive saw to perform a deep cut sufficiently, you must utilize larger blades, which are dangerous for handheld operations.

  • Ring Saws

Ring saws are the perfect solution to the disadvantages of the center drive saws. Their blade is driven from the edge rather than the center and supports deeper cuts. 

This sublime cutting tool can cut up to an astonishing depth of 300 mm, which is generally impossible for a handheld center-drive saw to achieve. The drive position also minimizes the overcut obtained in the process, making it slightly more precise. For all its advantages, the ring saw’s most significant disadvantage is that it costs significantly more per linear meter.

  • Diamond Chainsaws

The diamond chainsaw is arguably the most high-tech of all handheld concrete saws and is significantly more efficient than the ring saws and center-drive saws. Its design is pretty similar to the regular chainsaw used for cutting wood. But the fact that the bits are made of diamond makes them suitable for hard materials such as concrete, stones, bricks, etc. It also has the deepest cut depth, making it the go-to tool for tasks where you can only cut from one side.

Another advantage of this saw is that it can make the tiniest pocket cutouts without leaving any overcut. It is the most precise of the three handheld saw types. But, as expected, the diamond chainsaw is quite expensive. As a result, operators often keep it as a reserve and use either of the other two. It is usually only introduced for tasks too intricate for the center drive and ring saws.


Concrete cutting is a common task today, thanks to increased construction projects. Handheld concrete saws are ideal for such tasks, and this article has highlighted the basic types of handheld concrete saws. Note that these tools can cut concrete efficiently, but their different specifications make them unique to different assignments.